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HASCO extends its nozzle range with optimized cable outlet
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:03.Dec.2021

The range of Vario Shot nozzles from HASCO hot runner, which are used primarily with particularly demanding plastics, has been extended. With immediate effect, a cable outlet to the middle of the nozzle is now available in addition to the proven heating outlet near the nozzle head. This has the advantage of shifting the connecting cables of the nozzle outside the hot half in the nozzle retainer plate.


The range of Vario Shot nozzles from HASCO hot runner is extended.

The heater can be replaced easily on the injection moulding machine. As a result, downtimes are reduced, especially with multi-cavity hot runner molds or with needle valve applications. Work steps such as dismantling, removal, needle withdrawal, assembly and setting up are no longer necessary, thereby increasing the ease of maintenance.


Also, the thermocouple of the hot runner nozzle can be replaced from the parting plane. Through a placed groove in the brass body of the heater, the thermocouple can be easily dismantled and mounted again.



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