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VP of P&G: Not enough recycled plastic available to meet the commitments
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:08.Dec.2021

Procter & Gamble Co (P&G) has goals for cutting its environmental impact by 2030 but obtaining recycled plastic for more sustainable packaging is challenging, stated Jack McAneny, vice president of global sustainability at P&G, at the Reuters Next conference.


Jack McAneny added that global supply chain issues are making obtaining environmentally sound packaging materials more difficult. "There's simply not enough recycled plastic available to meet the commitments that have been made by not only just P&G, but our peers and industry," he said.


Less than 10% of all the plastic ever made has been recycled, largely because it's too costly to collect and sort. Plastic production, meanwhile, is projected to double within 20 years, something industry critics believe is the biggest driver of the planet's waste problem, reports Reuters.


P&G has pledged to make 100% of its packaging recyclable or reusable and reduce its use of virgin petroleum plastic by 50% by 2030.


P&G faces shortage of recycled plastics due to global supply chain issues.

According to Jack McAneny, P&G was also working with suppliers to increase the output of recycled plastic and is developing new processing technology that can more easily recycle materials such as polypropylene.


Jack McAneny mentioned PureCycle Technologies, a start-up that licenses P&G's polypropylene recycling process, that could open up a wide range of uses for waste plastic that have not previously been feasible.


"We need to ensure that these advanced recycling technologies are indeed delivering a net benefit," Jack McAneny commented. "Whiz bang technology might not always be the right solution if it's going to use more energy, create more waste. And that's where we have to be diligent."



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