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Berry develops lighter and recyclable PP closure for sauces
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:20.Dec.2021

Berry Global introduces a new closure, specifically created for sauces, to demonstrate its circular design capabilities in devising a lightweight and recyclable solution. The closure is manufactured 100% in polypropylene (PP).


Berry has utilized its technical skills to create a closure that is lighter than other versions currently available, offering valuable material savings without compromising its strength and durability to ensure a consistently reliable performance.


The new closure is manufactured 100% in PP.

The closure design features an extended narrow spout that provides controlled and accurate dispensing of product for the end user. It can be specified in snap-on or screw-on versions and is suitable for bottles with a 38mm neck finish, including Berry's extensive range of standard sauce bottles.


“Our new closure has been designed to be extremely versatile to meet the many different needs of the food sector, while delivering a reliable performance and helping food manufacturers to improve the sustainability of their packaging,” commented Matthias Hammersen, Sales Director, Food Market, Berry Global.



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