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Interplastica: ENGEL to demonstrate digitalized production process for parts
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:22.Dec.2021

The OOO ENGEL team will be showing how it makes the potential of innovative digital solutions tangible by producing technical parts live on a tie-bar-less victory injection molding machine at Interplastica 2022.


The ENGEL victory injection molding machine with tie-bar-less clamping unit.

Parts with strict requirements are being produced on a tie-bar-less ENGEL victory 80 injection molding machine during the four days of the fair. Three smart assistance systems from ENGEL's inject 4.0 program ensure very high production efficiency accompanied by consistently high product quality: iQ weight control, iQ clamp control and iQ melt control.


Compensating for fluctuations in the raw material in real-time


In each individual cycle, iQ weight control analyses the pressure and speed profile during the injection phase and compares the measured values with a reference profile. The injection profile, the switchover point and the holding pressure are automatically adjusted to the current conditions. This means that fluctuations in the raw material and ambient conditions are automatically detected and rejects are proactively prevented.


Without iQ weight control on the left, and with iQ weight control on the right: the software automatically detects changes in the raw material and automatically compensates for them within the same cycle.

iQ clamp control determines the optimum clamping force for the injection molding process in question on the basis of mold breathing. In many cases, overmolding and flash can therefore be ruled out. On top of this, mold venting is improved and the mechanical load on the mold is reduced.


The third smart assistance system in this team is iQ melt control, which optimizes the plasticizing process. The software determines the optimum plasticizing time for the application in question. Instead of plasticizing at the maximum possible speed, the system fully leverages the part’s in-mold cooling time for the plasticizing movement. This leads to improved melt homogeneity and is gentle on both the screw and the material, which in turn improves product quality.


"The smart assistance systems help to leverage the full potential of the injection moulding machine," told Waldemar Birkle, the Managing Director of OOO ENGEL in Moscow. "Even individual solutions such as the iQ products promise considerable benefits. And it is thanks to these same solutions that the first steps towards the smart factory are being taken on many shop floors."


Compact machines for cost efficiency


In terms of design, too, the victory injection molding machine presented at Interplastica 2022 pulls out all the stops for process consistency. The tie-bar-less clamping unit maintains the good parallelism of the mold mounting platens during clamping force build-up and injection. At the same time, the force dividers distribute the clamping force evenly over the mold mounting platens.


More than 20 machine exhibits are available in the showroom of ENGEL's virtual world.

Because there are no tie bars in the way, the mold mounting platens can be fully used up to their very edges. This means that very large molds, such as multi-cavity molds or molds with core-pulls, fit on relatively small injection moulding machines.


This keeps both capital expenditure and operating costs low while enabling compact production cells. Further benefits of tie-bar-less technology include fast mold setup processes and efficient automation solutions.


In the field of technical moulding, the tie-bar-less victory injection moulding machines by ENGEL are the suitable machine type. Well over 1000 tie-bar-less ENGEL victory machines are currently in use in Russia and Belarus.


Additionally, more than 20 machine exhibits can be explored in ENGEL's virtual showroom. Beyond this, there are technical presentations, business talks and virtual tours of ENGEL's Austrian production plants.



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