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Berry’s barrier PP pot replaces traditional tin can for tomato paste
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:03.Jan.2022

A contemporary packaging solution for tomato paste from Berry Superfos, which has replaced the traditional tin can format, is providing a host of benefits for the Elefante brand, including effective product protection, user convenience, reduced product waste and the ability to be reused for other purposes by consumers.


Elefante is produced by Cargill Brazil, one of the largest food companies in Brazil. For decades, the tomato paste was sold in a metal can, but the packaging has now been transformed into a modern and sturdy plastic pot developed and produced by Berry Superfos.


The Berry Superfos solution comprises a plastic barrier pot with a lid which is easy to open and close. The quality of the pot and lid means that the tomato paste stays fresh and delicious for longer when opened at the end user’s home.


Berry Superfos offers packaging solution comprising PP barrier pot with a lid for the Elefante brand.

Another advantage is the slightly oval shape of the pot which makes it effortless to empty with a spoon and means that no paste goes to waste. In addition, while the Elefante pot is made of PP which is a widely recycled material, it is also suitable for being repurposed at home, as a food storage container for example.


“Cargill Brazil looked for technical expertise within thermoforming and innovative barrier protection,” told Brayan Luque, Cargill Brazil’s Marketing Analyst and Product Manager. “From a prior business relationship, we knew that Berry Superfos could offer just that and was a market leader in the field. This contact was decisive for the success of our packaging project.”


“The success of this project demonstrates how plastic remains a very relevant material for today’s packaging solutions, enabling brands to create a fresh, modern image while continuing to deliver important sustainability benefits such as product protection, reduced food waste and repurposing,” commented Søren Rohleder, CEO of Berry Superfos.


This work involved in rebranding and perfecting the packaging design has been officially rewarded. Recently, the pot was honored with a prize from a packaging trade magazine, EmbalagemMarca. It also received another prize based on Brazilian consumer votes.



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