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LG Chem and partner to work on recycling PVC from construction waste
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:10.Jan.2022

LX Hausys and LG Chem signed an MOU on joint development of PVC recycling technologies and eco-friendly PVC businesses. They agreed to jointly develop recycling technologies for extracting highly pure PVC from waste construction materials and to actively collaborate on the commercialization of PCR-PVC technologies applying this.


They currently possess their own proprietary technologies for extracting only highly pure PVC while selectively eliminating various adhesives and impurities. LG Chem’s technology extracts from soft construction materials such as floor materials while LX Hausys’ technology from hard construction materials such as door and window.


Regarding this, LX Hausys announced earlier this month that it developed Korea’s first technology for extracting and collecting PVC from waste construction materials such as discarded PVC door and window, and that it applied for a total of six patents related to its manufacturing method.


LG Chem teams up with LX Hausys to expand the eco-friendly PVC business.

As efforts to develop technologies to recycle waste construction materials continue to grow globally, cooperation of the two companies is expected to help mitigate technological difficulties such as removing adhesives, while also creating synergy effects for expanded application and recycling of eco-friendly renewable resins.


Furthermore, the two companies also agreed to actively discuss plans for launching and commercializing bio-balanced PVC products made with plant-based raw materials such as waste cooking oil and palm by-products. LG Chem supplied the first batch of bio-balanced PVCs to LX Hausys last month.


Kang Gye-woong, LX Hausys CEO, commented, “Through this cooperation, it is expected that our two companies will further solidify our positions as Korea’s top eco-friendly material company and eco-friendly construction/decoration materials and interior while helping to build a resource-circulating economic ecosystem through the mass production of recycled PVC and increased supply of bio-balanced PVC.”


“Cooperation of the two companies is a practical course of action to expand eco-friendly technologies that can be applied in the value chain encompassing raw materials and final products to even resource circulation,” stated KUG LAE, NOH, President of LG Chem Petrochemicals Company.



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