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Hexcel to produce carbon pultruded profiles for wind energy market
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:    Date:11.Jan.2022

Hexcel Corporation is collaborating with METYX to manufacture high-performance carbon pultruded profiles made from polyurethane (PU) resin and unidirectional carbon fiber for the wind energy market.


Full pultrusion coil ~ 250lm (120mmx5mm 65% FVF; Carbon Pultrusion laminate).

The two companies will develop technology that builds on Hexcel's expertise in polyurethanes for the ski industry and will make use of its strength in providing high-performance composites to wind energy customers and expanding to other markets for composite applications.


METYX is, on the other hand, a manufacturer of high-performance NCF and woven glass and carbon, consumables, core and fabric kitting, molds, prototypes, and components for industries including wind energy, marine, automotive, rail and construction.


The same pultrusion laminate during winding (at the end of the pultrusion line).

Claude Despierres, VP – Sales and Marketing, Industrial Hexcel, mentioned, “We are very happy to work with METYX to develop opportunities in the wind market using our expertise in polyurethane products. We look forward to working with METYX and sharing our knowledge and experience with their team.”


Ergenc Ineler, COO, METYX Europe, added, “We are very excited to start this journey with Hexcel. Our customers have very high expectations on quality and cost, and we are convinced that Hexcel’s experience in PU technology is very well aligned with our future plans as we start this new business unit.”



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