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Veolia to supply recycled plastic for L'Oréal cosmetic packaging
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:12.Jan.2022

To reduce the carbon footprint of cosmetic packaging, Veolia and L'Oréal are joining forces to build a circular economy for plastics where Veolia will supply L'Oréal worldwide with high-quality recycled plastic that will avoid between 50% and 70% of CO2 emissions when compared to a standard bottle.


The plastic comes from waste from consumer packaging, like bottles and flasks, which will be treated and then recycled. Specific packaging is chosen to ensure the purity of the material.


The new recycled plastic, which is used in the composition of cosmetic packaging, complies with the requirements and certifications of the food sector and guarantees maximum health safety for consumers.


Veolia and L'Oréal collaborate to manufacture cosmetic packaging made from recycled plastic.

It is also of a quality equivalent to virgin plastic for which current global demand is strong. To meet international certifications of the US Food and Drug Administration, Veolia produces very high quality granules using innovative technology that eliminates organic compounds.


Johann Bonnet, Vice-president in charge of Business Development and Strategic Accounts at Veolia, stated, "As a global champion of ecological transformation, Veolia is committed to reducing plastic waste and to promoting industrial ecology. We are delighted to support L'Oréal in achieving its sustainable development objectives, by providing our know-how in resource recovery and recycling."


Jacques Playe, Packaging and Development Director at L'Oréal, mentioned, "We are pleased to enter into this partnership with Veolia for the supplying of very high-quality recycled plastic dedicated to cosmetic packaging, because we share the same ambitions and values in terms of sustainable development."



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