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CHINAPLAS 2022: Gneuss to present brand new MRSjump extruder
Source:Adsale Plastics Network     Editor:VC    Date:14.Jan.2022

Gneuss will be presenting its brand new MRSjump extruder at CHINAPLAS 2022 to be held in Shanghai on 25-28 April 2022.


Short residence times, low thermal and mechanical stress on the melt and highly efficient degassing have characterized MRS technology. As with the proven MRS extruder, the extrusion process does not require any pre-treatment of the input material, such as crystallization or pre-drying of the material.


With the new MRSjump extruder, the unique MRS screw section has been modified and extended so that, in combination with a 1mbar vacuum unit developed for this purpose, the viscosity of the polyester can be raised or stabilized to the desired level directly in the extrusion step. A downstream IV build-up in a solid state polycondensation (SSP) is not necessary.


For the first time, the processing of materials with low or highly fluctuating input viscosities is possible in a single extrusion step.


As introduced, the extremely compact design of the MRSjump extrusion line requires little space, energy and maintenance compared to other solutions on the market.


Gneuss MRSjump Extruder.


New size 110 for Rotary Filtration Systems


Meanwhile, Gneuss Filtration Technology is introducing an additional size across its line of Rotary Filtration Systems. The models RSFgenius, SFXmagnus, SFneos and CSFprimus are now available in a size 110, which offers almost 20 % more active screen area than the size 90 for each model, depending on the specific model.


In the past the next size up was the size 150, with a jump of more than 50 % in active filtration area. The new intermediate size will ensure an optimized and cost efficient filtration solution for every application.


Rotary Filtration Systems operate continuous, automatic, process and pressure constant. They are characterized by a filter disk on which the screen cavities are located in a ring pattern. Screens can be changed on the part of the filter disk that is not active in the melt channel, while the production process continues to run without any interruptions or disturbances.


Gneuss Melt Filtration Systems can be easily integrated into an existing process and suited as a retrofit solution, e.g. for demanding recycling applications.


The various models differ in terms of e.g. drive design, encapsulation and whether they offer integrated back-flushing.

Gneuss_Filterreihe 2019_r.jpg

Pressure and process constant Gneuss Rotary Filtration Systems.


Customized sensor solutions


As a machinery manufacturer, Gneuss has the manufacturing capabilities to realize even unusual sensor requirements. The lean manufacturing structure at Gneuss makes this possible with shortest delivery times.


Gneuss sensors are available to match regional or application-specific requirements such as Atex, Hart Communication or EAC and are also available with digital IO-Link communication.


For special process conditions or difficult places of installation, Gneuss offers individual sensor solutions, e.g. the new rotatable sensor shaft and flange mounting solution.


Gneuss Flange Pressure Sensor.



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