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Davis-Standard to highlight product lines for packaging at Interplastica
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:19.Jan.2022

Davis-Standard will begin its 2022 tradeshow season at Interplastica taking place from 25 to 28 January in Moscow, Russia. At the booth in the Swiss Pavillion, representatives from Maillefer and ER-WE-PA, Davis-Standard’s subsidiary in Germany, will discuss technology for blown film, cast film, extrusion coating, foam, profile, tube, and sheet applications.


A focus will be Davis-Standard’s dsX product lines for packaging applications, which provides processing versatility, timely delivery and competitive pricing. Examples of this technology include the dsX 400 aseptic packaging line and dsX flex-pack 300S flexible packaging line.


The dsX 400 aseptic packaging line is a pre-engineered triplex extrusion coating and laminating line for paper, aluminum foils and/or films used in aseptic packaging applications. It is designed for a working width range of 700 to 1,350mm, a mechanical design speed up to 450 meters per minute, and processing speeds up to 400 meters per minute.


Davis-Standard to highlight dsX and high barrier cast film technology at Interplastica.

The line is equipped with automatic unwind and rewind splicers for speed and processing efficiency. This is a single-source system with Davis-Standard supply of extruders, feedscrews, and extrusion dies to support customer requirements.


For lower-speed flexible packaging applications, Davis-Standard offers the dsX flex-pack 300S with proven components and a pre-configured, adaptable machine configuration.


It can support web widths from 650 to 1,350mm and process line speeds up to 300 meters per minute for paper, film and aluminum foils with direct gravure primer coating and coextrusion coating lamination stations.


In addition, to support diverse barrier structures, Davis-Standard offers high barrier cast film capabilities for seven, nine, eleven, or more layers. Extruders are mounted on a platform above the casting unit and are engineered to support a range of resins, including PA, PE, mPE, PP, PET, EVOH, and tie structures.


Processors can attain finished web widths from 2000mm to 3600mm, and line speeds up to 150 meters per minute, web thickness from 75 to 300 microns, and a max roll diameter of 1200mm.


Maillefer’s pipe and tube extrusion systems support markets encompassing medical, blown fiber micro duct, heating and plumbing, automotive, micro-drip irrigation, on- and off-shore flexibles, and other specialty and technical goods. These systems are engineered to provide value for multi-layer pipe constructions, with each layer providing functional features and advantages. This includes the use of recycled materials in eco-friendly pipe and tube products.



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