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Husky's latest injection system enables higher cavitation scalability
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:26.Jan.2022

Husky Technologies announces the release of the UltraShot Injection System. This innovative, next generation melt delivery and control system eliminates the deficiencies of traditional injection molding processes and makes it possible to mold the part at scale with high quality.


The UltraShot Injection System’s advanced injection control technology enables risk-free scalability with good part capability. Identical system behavior for each injection circuit provides process condition consistency with cavitation scaling.


Husky has launched the UltraShot Injection System.

A predictable process from pilot to high cavitation – scalable to 128 cavities, enables producers to maximize cavitation without negative performance on balance or shot-to-shot variation. Brand owners can accelerate from prototype to high cavitation production qualification, thus increasing speed-to-market.


Part design flexibility and freedom


The UltraShot Injection System enables brand owners to produce unconstrained, highly functional and validated parts, economically, where conventional injection molding processes cannot. This cavity filling control and process optimization overcomes traditional constraints of pressure, L/T and difficult-to-mold resins.


This enables part lightweighting for resin and process time savings and provides resin selection flexibility. Ultimately, this means greater part design freedom.


Preserve resin properties


Compared to conventional hot runners, melt in the UltraShot Injection System experiences fewer high-pressure injection cycles, thus preserving the original resin properties. This leads to lower mold-in stress and better mechanical and optical properties in the molded part.


Process control


Powered by the Altanium Mold Controller, the UltraShot Injection System provides highly advanced process monitoring and control for injection molding. The Altanium process control provides repeatability and traceability for part dimension consistency, balance and a more stable process.


Providing digital analysis creates a measurable discipline around the molding process and gives customers full control and trend analysis of various processes resulting in improved, lower risk operations.


Breakthrough technology


The melt delivery system is essential to injection molding process and mold cell performance. The UltraShot Injection System masters part filling in a way that provides part design freedom, while reducing risk and improving part quality and speed of mold qualification.


With “Husky Inside”, producers ensure that the center of their system performs optimally, every shot. It offers OEE and increased productivity, at a reduced footprint, resulting in lowest total part production cost.



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