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Dow, Sartorius and Südpack produce bioprocessing bags for COVID vaccines
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:11.Mar.2022

Value chain partners Dow, Sartorius and Sü dpack Medica, have come together to support the global coronavirus vaccination effort by manufacturing bioprocessing bags, which are an essential component for the safe production and transportation of coronavirus vaccines globally.


Sterile bio-reactor bags with a capacity of up to 2.000 liters, made from multilayer films, can help achieve very good speed, quality, and flexibility in the vaccine development process as well as in commercial manufacturing operations.


They are engineered for highly efficient mixing and high oxygen transfer and suitable for mammalian cell culture – processes which demand a high cell density or are microcarrier based. Under precisely defined conditions in bio-reactors, for instance, cells produce the agent needed for the production of coronavirus vaccines.


Essential products manufactured by Sartorius, using Sü dpack polymer films made from Dow resins, support vaccine production for global vaccine supply.

The 3D flexible bags are dedicated for sterile and ready to use solutions and designed for storage and shipping of large volume biopharmaceutical solutions. They provide a secure and convenient single-use solution for an in-process fluid handling, storage and shipping needs for all the process steps.


Sartorius’ technology supports the production of current vaccines and emerging vaccine technologies. The bio-reactor bags and 3D bags it produces, are used by pharmaceutical companies to cultivate important vaccines, including the coronavirus vaccine. Sü dpack is one of the partners of Sartorius for this polymer film supply.


The high performance of Sü dpack’s films is important to support safe vaccine production. The innovative technology and R&D processes as well as the hygiene and quality standards behind Sü dpack films, provide the essential flexibility to address - and speed to meet - the fast-changing requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and to respond to the pandemic relief effort.


The films in the bio-reactors support the reproductive growth behavior of the sensitive cell lines. Good cell viability and density reduces the risk of batch loss or inconsistencies and achieves a high product purity and improved productivity.



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