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Coming soon! CHINAPLAS Virtual Show 2022 to hold 8 hot tech webinars
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:03.May.2022

Green, low-carbon and intelligence are now major issues in the plastics and rubber industry. A series of Hot Tech Webinars, which are tailored for users from different industries including automobiles, packaging, electronics & electrical appliances, and medical & healthcare, will be held during the CHINAPLAS Virtual Show 2022.


Speakers include Huawei, Lining, Sony, Henkel, Johnson & Johnson Medical, etc. They will share their insights on the latest developments and trends of the industry. These Hot Tech Webinars aim at facilitating deeper industry and technological exchange.


Green • Low Carbon • Sustainability


During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the ecological civilization of China will focus on carbon reduction, creating synergy between pollution prevention and carbon reduction, facilitating the green transformation of economic and social development, and achieving the qualitative improvement in the ecology.


Three webinars at CHINAPLAS will focus on topics like carbon neutralization, green packaging, plastic circular economy.

There will be 3 webinars theming "Electronic Industry Carbon Neutral Experience Sharing Forum", "Green Innovation and Application Forum for Plastic Logistics Packaging" and "Plastics Recycling & Circular Economy Online Conference".


Smart Manufacturing. Minimize Cost. Maximize Efficiency


Globalization induced fierce competition in the manufacturing industry. Improving product’s quality and digitalization become the key for enterprises to success. Especially to the auto industry, intelligence has become the new direction for future industrial development.


CHINAPLAS provides advanced solutions regarding smart manufacturing.

For other industries, how can enterprises overcome the changes of the times with digital transformation? Regarding this, there will be two webinars with topic of "Industry 4.0 Factory of the Future eForum" and "2022 Smart Cockpit and Surface Finishing Innovation Technology Forum".


CHINAPLAS here provides cutting-edge solutions which help enterprises implement smart manufacturing and maximize profits.


Start from design, Branding with plastics


Moreover, product design is an essential part of building a successful brand. What elements shaped a successful product and turn it into a quality brand?


Under the theme of "Branding with Plastics", Design eForum will focus on the two hot trends of ”Sustainable Design & Cross-sector Innovation“ and “CMF Trends & Design for Product Commercialization”. A webinar highlighting "DxI: Design eForum" will be held.


Application of 3D printing technology in Medical field


3D printing technology as a new growth point for future industrial development, particularly for the advancement of medical applications, is regarded as have high research value and economic prospects.


At CHINAPLAS 2022, the first "Medical Materials and 3D Printing Summit" will be held.

CHINAPLAS will hold the first "Medical Materials and 3D Printing Summit". Associations, industry experts and scientific research institutes will share their insights on the latest developments and trends of the industry.




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