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PLASTINDIA 2023 to be held from 1-5 February in New Delhi
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:13.May.2022

Plastindia Foundation announces PLASTINDIA 2023, the 11th edition of international plastics exhibition, conference & convention, to be held from 1-5 February 2023, at the newly built State of the Art International Exhibition Centre at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India.


It will focus on innovation, sustainability, and growth, facilitating modern techniques that will help to maintain a cleaner environment and lead to sustainable economic growth.


The Indian plastics industry is growing at a rapid pace with the production and consumption increasing many fold in the last 3 decades. A major aim of the plastic bodies in India now is to contribute significantly to the exports and to make India as one of the highest producers of Plastic.


PLASTINDIA 2023 will be held from 1 to 5 February 2023.

The current business environment, bolstered by the launch of Government of India’s "Atmanirbhar" movement and "Vocal for Local" initiative, gives an impetus to the plastics industry to grow and provides export opportunities. Indian exports of plastics in the year 2019-20 was at US$ 10.00 billion, which is expected to reach US$ 25.00 billion by the year 2025.


ShriJigish Doshi, President of Plastindia Foundation, remarked, “We are committed to work closely with the government and the industry to facilitate growth and to work towards innovative and modern manufacturing techniques that will be sustainable for the environment and the economy.”


Besides, with launch of PLASTINDIA 2023, the Foundation shared 10 goals to contribute to the plastics industry:


  • Make India the number one destination for manufacturing plastics

  • Facilitate growth of the Indian plastics industry

  • Create Employment opportunities to Empower the economy of the country

  • Make India a global sourcing hub for plastics

  • Encourage new innovative techniques

  • Increase the technically skilled manpower for the Indian Plastics Industry

  • Increase the exports of plastic

  • Increase the processing capacity of the plastic industry

  • Showcase the opportunities, the global entities can tap

  • Act as a catalyst of growth for the plastics industry and sectors interconnected with the use of plastics


Shri Ajay Shah, Chairman, National Executive Council, PLASTINDIA 2023, said, “PLASTINDIA 2023 aims at not only bringing together exhibitors and visitors from different sectors of the plastic industry but also displaying the new technologies and innovations in the industry. It is a great medium to showcase new products and a brilliant opportunity to connect with national and international decision-makers.”




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