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(Interview) ILLIG introduces RedLine RDF 85 thermoforming system for the Chinese market
Source:Adsale Plastics Network     Editor:VF    Date:17.May.2022

Leading manufacturer of thermoforming and packaging systems ILLIG Maschinenbau will be introducing its new RedLine machine RDF 85 at CHINAPLAS Virtual Show 2022.

With its variable mold interface, the RDF 85 enables the use of existing molds that are already available at the customer's site, regardless of the manufacturer. Manufactured in Europe, the flexible RDF 85 is tailor-made for the Chinese thermoforming market.

The packaging industry for food and non-food products that require sustainable packaging need look no further, because the company’s optimized packaging can reduce the use of raw materials and make recycling possible in the first place, according to Selene Chang, ILLIG’s Communications & Marketing Manager.

“This is especially true for packaging produced on ILLIG production lines as the packaging we produce are thin-walled, resource-saving, economical to produce and very well-suited for recycling,” she says.


ILLIG’s new RedLine RDF 85 thermoforming system is tailor-made for the Chinese market. 

Systems for food and medical technology

Alongside ILLIG’s portfolio of new services and digitization solutions is the high-performance 4th generation thermoforming system RDM 76Kb, equipped with an End-Of-Line (EOL) handling solution. With increased forming area, higher tonnage, deeper draw capabilities, it boasts a completely new-designed double servo drive of the production system to ensure shorter movement times and thus faster cycle times.

In addition, by using a centre support for the lower machine table, RDM 76Kb increases the closing force by 50 percent to 900 kN. As a result, the cutting length can be utilized by up to 50 percent more, the service life is extended and productivity is increased.

ILLIG is an expert in tool systems for cardboard, paper and plastics. Its Hot Seal Unit HSU 35b packaging line for the production of carton blisters and blisters was developed for economical packaging.

Flexible, efficient and compact, HSU 35b produces safe, perfectly executed and sustainable fully recyclable blister packs made of plastic-cardboard combinations or 100% cardboard (mono-material blisters), with sealed dust and side flaps if required. It offers an advantage of the possibility to adapt the format parts of the HSP series, which are often available on the market.


HSU 35b is suitable for producing blister packs made of plastic-cardboard combinations or 100% cardboard.

Solutions guided by circular thinking

The trend of the packaging market is to reduce plastics and produce recyclable packaging and ILLIG is offering pioneering technology to meet this need.

Chang points out that sustainability, environmental friendliness, the reduction of plastics and the recyclability of packaging are topics that have presented the packaging industry with an array of challenges. As packaging materials are a valuable resource that must be collected and preserved, the goals of the coming years should focus on the building and expanding the circular economy.

ILLIG is no stranger to the circular economy as its mature and sustainable packaging solutions have long been formulated under the guiding principle of Circular Thinking. “With Circular Thinking, ILLIG supports the circular economy and clearly defines sustainability goals: Reduce, Reuse, Separate, Recycle and Renew,” she says.


Selene Chang, Communications & Marketing Manager, ILLIG Maschinenbau. 

Based on Circular Thinking, experts at the ILLIG Technology Center (ITC) inHeilbronn,Germany, are making significant contributions by developing solutions of tomorrow. One of their latest food packaging is already on the market, made of more than 50 percent less plastic with cardboard wrapping of the I-PACK® brand (ILLIG intelligent packaging). Another project is the industrial production of packaging made of thermoformable paper.

I-PACK® is easily separable and versatile plastic-cardboard combinations with reduced plastic usage. I-PACK® trays, cups and lids are sustainable, manufactured with a high level of know-how on established production systems. I-PACK® trays save valuable resources with over 50 percent reduced plastic content in the PP or PET plastic inlay. The stabilizing cardboard sleeve is easy to separate after use, while the large sealing rim enables a tight seal.

On the other hand, sustainable packaging made of thermoforming paper for sealable packaging offers packaging manufacturers a food-grade alternative to plastic packaging applications that can be implemented on existing ILLIG production systems. The tray produced in the ITC is dimensionally stable, sealable and completely recyclable or compostable after removal of the sealing film.



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