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YIZUMI enables high production capacity of disposable virus sampling tube
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:18.May.2022

The disposable virus sampling tube, mainly used to collect and keep virus samples taken from throat or nasal secretions, is one of the important consumables used for COVID-19 detection.


There are generally two kinds of disposable virus sampling tubes. One is the non-inactivated tube which can protect the protein and nucleic acid of the virus, and the other one is the inactivated tube which can protect the nucleic acid by cleaving the protein of the virus.


A disposable virus sampling tube.

There are strict requirements for product quality and performance of the sampling tube include cleanness, free of sharp edges and burrs, temperature resistance, tightness, no RNA/DNA enzyme pollution, and so on.


Also, due to large consumption of virus sampling tubes used for nucleic acid extraction, it is crucial to help enhance production efficiency and capacity.


In response to this, YIZUMI has launched integrated solutions for disposable virus sampling tube, to facilitate massive nucleic acid testing.


YIZUMI PAC350 high-speed injection molding machine allows high production capacity of sampling tube body.

The company stated that the daily production capacity of 10ml sampling tube body using a single YIZUMI PAC350 high-speed injection molding machine equipped with 48-cavity mold is up to 310,000 pieces.


Besides, using a YIZUMI PAC 300 high-speed injection molding machine for the production of 10ml virus sampling tube cap, the daily production capacity reaches up to 420,000 pieces.



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