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Moldex3D releases latest version with accuracy improved
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:24.May.2022

CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D) releases Moldex3D 2022, the latest version of its molding analysis software series. The new Moldex3D reinforces the system construction and improves analysis performance, aiming to deliver more accurate molding results for users.


CoreTech also provides new services regarding smart design, smart management, and smart learning that help corporations take the first step in the smart era, achieving seamless design, production integration and team efficiency.


The important updates and highlights of Moldex3D 2022 are as follows:


Automate analysis optimization 


The new version of Moldex3D 2022 supports user-customized simulation results and reporting, which facilitates team communication, and establishes analysis standardization.


Moldex3D 2022 has upgraded features to provide timely point and plane measurements for users to track core problems in molding results. Design of Experiment (DOE) analysis wizard can be used to identify key influencing factors and optimize product quality.


DOE and Shell analysis are supported on the Linux platform, which can greatly reduce calculation cost, shorten the calculation time and speed up development. Moldex3D Studio also provides versatile API functions to help users build automated analysis, compare simulation results, optimize process, and even realize intelligent integration.




Moldex3D 2022 provides further improved analysis performance.

To help users control the two most critical factors, machine and material properties, in the molding process, Moldex3D developed Machine Characterization Services to capture unique performance and dynamic responses from each molding machine, which are also integrated into CAE analysis to reflect real manufacturing conditions, presenting more accurate simulation results.


Regarding material support, Moldex3D has established a professional material measurement center with ISO/IEC 17025 certification. It helps construct complete material digital twins, improving prediction accuracy on injection pressure, warpage, and shrinkage.


Connect key data and boost design energy


Moldex3D SYNC geometry optimization supports Design of Experiment (DOE) and can perform geometrical analysis on critical dimensions, understanding the possible defects of molding.


Moldex3D 2022 has enhanced runner, gate, and cooling wizards. It not only strengthens the design of runners and cooling line systems, but also provides more diverse layouts for different situations, making the design more flexible.


In terms of mesh, the quality and efficiency of mesh generation, enhanced preprocessing, CAD import, mesh functions, and geometry healing functions are optimized, allowing users to repair geometric defects more easily and improve model quality.


In IC packaging simulations, it has more powerful modeling capabilities for various processes, provides a more complete IC Auto Mesh function, and allows users to freely create advanced packaging such as CoWoS and InFO types. 


Build the own digital think tank


Every mold tryout is a precious digital asset for companies. To better utilize these resources, Moldex3D iSLM records the entire development process of design and mold trial.


This data is uploaded to the cloud system so that multinational team members can access, share, and reuse simulation data, accelerating R&D innovation and saving management costs.


Create a high-performance learning environment


Moldex3D has launched the MPE digital learning system (Moldex3D Plastics E-Learning), providing professional terminology in the plastic molding industry, knowledge of injection molding machines, and real case studies collected from decades of industrial experiences.


There are also tests after each session for students to validate their learning results. It helps people who are new in the industry to strengthen practical capabilities and enhance competitiveness more effectively.



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