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The innovations shown at Design eForum to inspire you
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:10.Jun.2022

How to upgrade branding with plastics technologies? Design eForum, held on 8 Jun as a concurrent event of CHINPLAS 2022 Virtual Show, explored how plastics technologies upgrade and energize brands.


With the focus on "CMF Trends & Design for Product Commercialization", three design masters of renowned brands from China and Taiwan region shared their footsteps and perspectives.


Creative design favors manufacturing and marketing


Talking about special design applications, Jimmy Chang, Chairman of Chinese Industrial Designers Association (CIDA) and Director of UID Create, started his presentation with We-Blocks, child educational equipment his company designed.


Jimmy Chang introduced We-Blocks.

We-Blocks are available in different shapes and uses. We-Blocks (Tactile Cube), for example, are designed for babies, as their dotted, lined and circular patterns provide tactile stimulation with different levels of intensity, encouraging babies to explore the floor as they begin to crawl.


For elder children, We-Blocks (Gears) cultivate their capabilities of building 2D or 3D structures, and enhance their gross motor skills and sensory stimulation when moving, assembling, and dismantling the parts.


With these products, Jimmy Chang pointed out that taking users’ needs into consideration is vital to a good product design. Meanwhile, good product design favors manufacturing and marketing.

UID Create has collaborated with a traditional factory in Taiwan, which used to produce Barbie, on the factory’s transformation. The company designed an innovative plastic Piggy Bank product, Piggy Bank Robbery. When the Piggy Bank is full of coins, “meat slice”, a compartment of save box, can be added to increase saving space.


Piggy Bank Robbery with "meat slice" added.

Under the partnership, the factory is able to produce Piggy Bank Robbery with its original production lines, saving costs for both parties. At the same time, the “meat slice” is a selling point for UID Create to expand its sales, both online and offline, to international markets.


Good products respond to targeted customers


Concerning how CMF trends benefit product strength building, Allan Ho, Deputy General Manager at Artop Design Group Co., Ltd. believes the most important principle is to respond to needs of targeted customer groups with appropriate, innovative designs. Those needs depend on, for instance, generations, genders, lifestyles and occasions, he stated.

The first application case he mentioned was that the Galanz microwave oven series which has been orientated as the company’s high end products. Through the redesign, Artop has merged the microwave's aluminum handle with the panel and put plastics onto the handle, advancing their tactile and visual impression.


Allan Ho presents the redesign of the Galanz microwave oven series.

In collaboration with entive, Artop offered integrated kitchen design solutions taking account of the trends of modernization and intelligentization, as well as the requirements of different customer groups.

Allan Ho introduced that the design of “Pin” kitchen series is classic and balanced. A novel oil sand glass is applied in the kitchen electric products to provide frosted texture and oil-proof function. The “Le” kitchen series, on the other hand, is considered more stylish, targeting the market of the young generation.


“Pin” kitchen series.

Moreover, he showed Artop’s new design, combining material of choice, service design, new technology application, user experience, interaction design and product identity, for Haidilao Smart Restaurant 2.0 in Nanjing, China.


Artop’s design for Haidilao Smart Restaurant 2.0.


Value-performance ratio is crucial to complicated innovations


Alvin Chen, Creative Director of ACDC Creative and Associate Professor of Tainan University of Technology, discussed that product design is one of the major branding strategies. Apart from cost performance ratio, he said, value-performance ratio is a more important element when it comes to complicated innovations and designs.

He shared that his design inspiration of the awarded tape dispenser called Pebble came from his travel to a beach full of cobblestones. He has then chosen polycarbonate as the product materials due to its drop resistance and durability.


Alvin Chen holds the "Pebble" tape dispenser.

In addition, ACDC Creative has innovated living products for tonela using silicone. He presented the SGS tested “Happy Bear” food plate, “Aquabag” portable waterbag and “Happy Aquarius” water bottle, which have lovely appearance for encouraging kids to have food and water.

The product material, he added, is BPA-free, anti-bacterial and nontoxic, and therefore is suitable for food contact applications.


“Happy Bear” food plate.



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