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K 2022: KIEFEL to highlight solutions for recyclable materials
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:14.Jun.2022

KIEFEL GmbH, a leading company for thermoforming and joining technology for plastics and natural fibers, will be presenting machine, tool and automation solutions for processing recyclable materials at K trade fair from October 19 - 26 with live demonstrations.


The company will also be showcasing new digital services, solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical industries and research activities on the topic of sustainability. In addition, it will be offering insights into processes for closing the cycle at "The Machine" in the VDMA Dome.


"At Kiefel, we keep our eyes on the megatrends of digitization and sustainability," shared Cornelia Frank, Head of Sustainability at Kiefel. "That's why we are particularly pleased to be presenting solutions at this K trade fair that ideally match this year's focal topics of circular economy, digitization and climate protection."


Sustainable packaging solutions from a single source


As well as classic, bio-based and recycled plastics, Kiefel steel rule and tilting machines can also process paper. In live demonstrations of the KMD 78.2 Speed steel rule machine, the company will illustrate how high-quality, sustainable packaging products are made from recycled film, thus making a contribution to tray-to-tray recycling.


The KMD 78.2 steel rule machine.

Kiefel will be unveiling the new Kiefel Standard Automation (KSA) at the K. Beside customer-specific automation solutions, the company thereby offers completely modular standard automations based on a building block principle for the most common applications.


In addition, visitors can discover more about the latest packaging technology from Kiefel, fiber thermoforming of natural fibers, which is in high demand worldwide. Large numbers of the NATUREFORMER KFT 90 machine, which deploys this technology, are already operational worldwide.


Kiefel’s machines can produce a wide range of packaging made from classic, bio-based or recycled plastics.


Kiefel will also be presenting fiber technology and the potential applications of thermoforming with natural fibers.

The KFT Lab laboratory machine will be used to illustrate the production process and suitable food and non-food applications for the technology. With its own material and technology centers, Kiefel offers extensive capabilities for proofs-of-concept, which will also be featured.


Research activities for a better circular economy


Kiefel is committed to increased sustainability in many ways, and has anchored this in its corporate strategy, is EcoVadis-certified and is involved in various research initiatives for a better circular economy.


At the booth, visitors will gain an insight into new research activities and results from initiatives such as HolyGrail 2.0, PrintCYC and NextLoop.


Service: Machine status and maintenance plan at a glance


Besides, in Kiefel's After Sales division, the range of digital services has been expanded. The Kiefel Portal is the central online platform that allows customers to keep an eye on their machine status around the clock using the "Maintenance Dashboard" and plan upcoming maintenance.


The functions of the digital Kiefel portal are constantly are developed and enhanced.

Users are also informed about suitable machine upgrades. The Kiefel portal can also be used to identify and request machine spare parts, 3D machine documentation and new interactive online training courses on all aspects of machine operation.


Medical & Pharma: Production of Bioprocess Bags


Furthermore, Kiefel will be presenting innovations for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. At the K trade fair, the company will be exhibiting its expanded portfolio of bioprocess bags with the requisite machine technology.


Kiefel has launched machine solutions for the production of 2D or 3D bioprocess bags.

The 3D and 2D bags can be made from PVC-free materials such as PE or PP, or from PVC or EVA, depending on the customer's requirements.


Depending on the customer's requirements, a wide range of options can be implemented, e.g. semi-automatic or fully automatic machines, disposable bags for the storage of stem cells, cell cultures, mixing or separation, in 2D or 3D designs or hose/port connection components.



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