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Thinking beyond: WACKER to debut numerous silicone products at K 2022
Source:Adsale Plastics Network     Editor:VC    Date:23.Jun.2022

Due to a rising demand for silicones, WACKER will invest over €100 million in the expansion of production capacities for both solid and liquid silicone rubber over the coming years.


At a pre-K press conference in Düsseldorf, Robert Gnann, President of the WACKER SILICONES business division, outlined this year’s trade show offerings. This year, the company’s main tradeshow topics will be electromobility and sustainability.


At K 2022, WACKER will be welcoming visitors under the motto “Thinking Beyond”, with numerous product innovations making their debut: biomethanolbased silicones, self-adhesive liquid silicone rubber grades for hard/soft hybrid parts made of polycarbonate, silicone resins for the manufacture of heat-stable molded parts and silicone-based additives for polyethylene molding compounds.


Also celebrating their premiere will be polymer binders which WACKER produces using a climate-friendly method that conserves resources with the aid of renewable acetic acid.

WACKER’s debut product innovations on stage:


  • ELASTOSIL eco – resource-efficient with biomethanol


ELASTOSIL eco silicone rubber grades are manufactured in a resource-efficient, certified process with the aid of methanol derived from plants rather than from fossil materials. Since plant-based methanol and its fossil counterpart are chemically interchangeable, ELASTOSIL and ELASTOSIL eco products possess the same end properties, and the processing techniques involved are also identical.

In the future, WACKER will be offering its customers “eco” versions of eight of its silicone rubber grades. Besides, SILMIX ready-to-use rubber compounds will also be made available on the basis of biomethanol upon request. At the company booth, WACKER will give live demonstrations of how a SILMIX eco food-grade compound can be processed on an ENGEL injection molding machine (mold: NEXUS; design of part: LÉKUÉ).


Lemon squeezer made of SILMIX eco R plus TS 40002 (design: LÉKUÉ). 

  • ELASTOSIL LR 3078 – self-adhesive on polycarbonate


Another product line making its debut at K 2022 is ELASTOSIL LR 3078. This self-adhesive liquid silicone rubber cures extremely rapidly and establishes a firm bond with the thermoplastic polycarbonate. To this end, WACKER uses a newly developed and already patented self-adhesive technology that does not contain any bisphenol A structures.


All grades of the new product line can be easily processed by two-component injection molding. They do not contain any substances that could result in solid deposits forming in the mold during processing. Thanks to the fast curing of the new liquid silicone rubber, injection molding cycle times are very short.


In addition, articles with complicated geometric shapes can be produced with high precision without the need for secondary finishing, opening the way for further miniaturization of polycarbonate-silicone hybrid parts.


Tests show that the new self-adhesive silicone rubber ELASTOSIL LR 3078 adheres excellently to polycarbonate without pretreatment.

  • Novel silicone resin for heat-stable molded parts


Industry is increasingly facing the challenging task of manufacturing mechanically durable plastic components that can withstand temperatures of over 200 degrees Celsius for long periods. WACKER has developed a novel material solution to this problem, which will be presented at K 2022.


Thanks to the silicone resin binders SILRES® LR 700 and POWERSIL® Resin 700 and the silicone molding material POWERSIL® Resin 710 based on these binders, manufacturers can create insulation class R molded parts via compression molding, pressure gelation or even injection molding. These can withstand temperatures of up to 220 degrees Celsius for extended periods of time.


  • Silicone-based additive GENIOPLAST for polyethylene molding compounds


GENIOPLAST PE50S08 is a new additive masterbatch for polyethylene compounding. This product makes it easier to manufacture ready-to-use polyethylene molding compounds and improves the surface properties of the resulting plastic products. The polyethylene masterbatch can be used for extruding films and for polyethylene recycling.


GENIOPLAST PE50S08 makes it easier to manufacture ready-to-use polyethylene molding compounds and improves the surface properties of the resulting plastic products. 


The product’s silicone active ingredient improves filler distribution in filled formulations and the flow properties of the polymer melt. This increases extruder throughput. It also reduces the energy needed for compounding. Where mixtures of different polyethylene grades are compounded – as is the case in the processing of recycled polyethylene – GENIOPLAST PE50S08 ensures uniform mixing without any major torque or temperature fluctuations. Polyethylene recycling is consequently one of the new additive’s key application areas.


In blown film extrusion, manufacturers of polyethylene films can substantially boost productivity with GENIOPLAST PE50S08. The additive furthermore improves the surface structure and scratch and abrasion resistance of polyethylene products.



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