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K 2022: Gear up for climate protection, circular economy and digitalization
Source:Adsale Plastics Network     Editor:VC    Date:31.Aug.2022

K 2022 will be opening soon, providing a world's leading platform for exhibitors from all over the world to demonstrate how the most recent developments of the plastics and rubber industry are responding to the hot topics of climate protection, circular economy and digitalization.


Celebrating its 70th anniversary, K will take place from October 19-26 in Düsseldorf, Germany. With the guiding themes of climate protection, circular economy and digitalization, the trade fair will gather around 3,000 renowned exhibitors from 61 countries and regions.


According to Messe Düsseldorf, the trade fair organizer, suppliers from Europe, especially Germany, Italy, Austria, Turkey, the Netherlands, Switzerland and France, as well as the U.S. are especially well represented again this year.


Meanwhile, the number and presentation space of Asian exhibitors remain high. Despite the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, some 300 Chinese exhibitors take up 10,000sqm of exhibition area, surpassing the result of K 2019.


It is worth mentioning that for pandemic protection, the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre has been equipped with HEPA filters. The high-efficiency particulate air filters remove 99.9% of viruses and bacteria from the air. Other voluntary hygiene measures are also adopted to provide a safe exhibition environment.


Date: October 19-26, 2022

Venue: Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre

Opening hours: 10:00am-6:30pm

Website: https://www.k-online.com/


K 2022 will be held at Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre, Germany.


Address the climate change 


The pulse of climate protection work gets stronger. The plastics and rubber industries are also taking up significant responsibility to save our planet. At the fairground of K 2022, most of the chemical exhibitors will be highlighting their latest efforts in promoting climate protection.


For example, SABIC will give emphasis on its new program, BLUEHERO. It is an evolving ecosystem of products, solutions and initiatives to help accelerate the world’s energy transition from fossil fuels to electric power.


The program will build upon SABIC’s established materials and capabilities to assist different industries in achieving the goal of zero tailpipe emission.


Also working on realizing carbon neutrality, BASF will present solutions to track and lower the Product Carbon Footprint. Among others, there will be solutions using renewable or recycled feedstock for packaging and construction applications.


Build the real circular economy


The plastics and rubber industries have been taking actions to create a real circular economy by innovating more circular material solutions and advanced recyclate processing technologies.


The rPET honeycomb technology to be showcased at EconCore’s booth is one of the examples. The group has just installed a new production line for lightweight rPET honeycomb core in widths up to 1.2m.


The rPET honeycomb cores are made of up to 100% recycled post-consumer and post-industrial waste. They can be laminated with conventional FRPs into performing sandwich panels and parts. In combination with PET or PET composite skins, they offer fully recyclable, highly sustainable and lightweight panel solution.


For many machine makers, upgrading their new equipment with capability of processing recycled materials is a top priority. A wealth of the developments will be presented at the trade fair. 


With a new two-stage process, ENGEL makes it possible to process plastic waste as flakes in injection molding directly after grinding. To be able to process flakes in injection molding, the recycling process breaks plasticizing and injection down into two mutually tuned, but independent, process steps. ENGEL will be presenting this process for the first time at the VDMA Circular Economy Forum.


In addition, KraussMaffei will demonstrate how to enable different starting recycled materials to be used together. Three starting recycled materials of different viscosities will be processed in DCIM direct compounding to create a new material that will be turned into polyolefin collapsible crates by an injection unit.


Besides, Macchi will display its flexible 5-layer R-POD FLEX line. This new version was developed for extruding regenerated and recycled raw materials. It produces sustainable specialty films with reduced thickness, good sealing, and high optical and mechanical properties.


Raise the bar of digitalization


Thanks to the digital advancement, manufacturing productivity, control management, product traceability and energy efficiency can be more enhanced.


At the trade show, for example, Arburg will present a total of eight Allrounders injection molding machines and other solutions that feature process control and networked peripherals. The company will demonstrate how highly networked, digitalized manufacturing helps to increase production efficiency and conserve resources.


Besides, BOY will debut the ALPHA 6 at the trade show. The injection molding machine control in 16:9 screen format is equipped with additional functions as well as a new visualization and symbolism. It will replace the current control step by step after its premiere presentation.


The new HERCULES40 Digital Platform introduced by COMERIO ERCOLE, a rubber and composite processing machinery manufacturer, is also designed to supply a data-driven analysis tool for a continuous improvement of production process.


A wide array of advanced solutions will be showcased at K 2022. 

Specials lead to in-depth discussions


On top of technology and solution showcase, concurrent Specials events will be held to serve more exchange of information and thoughts as well as deeper interactions.


Plastics shape the future 


In Hall 6, the seven-day event offers opportunities for inspiring presentations and panel discussions regarding how a better future can be shaped with plastics.


Professionals and experts from the fields of politics, science, NGO and the industries will share information around the three guiding themes of K 2022.


At the first day of the trade fair, key topics and challenges of the industry will be directly addressed on the K-Forum. The following theme days also focus on the plastics industry’s concrete paths towards greenhouse gas neutrality, plastics as enablers of the clean energy transition, etc.


Start-up Zone


The organizer believes that start-ups are young, flexible and particularly stand out with their creative solutions.


Therefore, a new area in Hall 8b will be set up for young, innovative companies that are taking off into the world of the plastics and rubber industry. Visitors can look forward to the fresh and unusual ideas the start-ups have come up with.


VDMA Circular Economy Forum


Locating at the outdoor area in front of Hall 16, the VDMA Circular Economy Forum will focus on how the circular economy works in practice in the plastics industry.


Throughout ten pavilions, the VDMA and its members, together with their partners, will be showing their technologies that make the closed plastics cycle possible.


These involve the processing of plastic waste and the production of regranulate that is then processed into new products. The digitalization of the processing also plays an important role here.


The VDMA Dome will take the center stage of the forum. It is the meeting place for those who want to learn more about the implementation of circular economy. There will be an installation named “The Machine” that provides an overview of the individual processing steps of the closed cycle.



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