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K 2022: Tolsa to launch masterbatch version of flame retardant additives
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:05.Oct.2022

Tolsa S.A., a leading supplier of flame-retardant synergists and specialized additives for a range of markets, will launch a new masterbatch version of its ADINS range of additives for flame retardancy at K 2022. The company will also highlight its recent rebranding program along with expansion plans for its additive product offering in select global regions.


Tolsa has introduced a new ADINS masterbatch capability which provides another format in which to market its products, according to Almudena Vidal, marketing manager for Tolsa’s Industrial Business Unit. “This new capability demonstrates our versatility and ability to adapt to the market and to the requirements of our customers,” said Vidal.


New masterbatches offer a significant advantage by facilitating the incorporation and dispersion of ADINS additives in polymeric compounds, thus improving the performance and properties that these synergists provide.


Tolsa will launch new masterbatch capability for ADINS FR products at K 2022.

The company has started to commercialize new masterbatch products for different systems within the wire and cable sector including ethylene-vinyl-acetate (EVA), rubber formulations, TPE/TPU, and CPE.


It will also highlight its new corporate rebranding program which conveys the uniqueness of ADINS technology, and reinforces its main advantages, such as its great versatility and the functionalities it provides to the materials in which it is incorporated.


Its new brand image conveys the "additives inside" concept, that is, the potential of Tolsa technology to transform materials from the inside.


On the other hand, Tolsa also announced that it has expanded its commercial activities with the opening of several new distribution outlets around the world. It has expanded its global distribution network, particularly in Europe and Asia, maximizing its global reach. Among the key growth regions are China and Poland.


The company has also strengthened its commercial presence in other geographic markets and has forged agreements and sales and marketing relationships in North America, Latin America, and South Africa.



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