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First 100% biodegradable water bottles to hit shelves in Los Angeles
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Editor:JK    Date:29.Nov.2022

Cove, a California-based material innovation company, announces its partnership with Erewhon, the Los Angeles premium organic grocer, making it the first retailer of Cove's fully biodegradable water bottles. 


Cove's water bottles will be available at Erewhon stores throughout Los Angeles, as well as online at Cove's website. Cove will announce new retail partners in coming months as they scale up manufacturing at their production facility in Los Angeles.


Cove's fully biodegradable water bottles will debut at Erewhon stores throughout Los Angeles.

"Cove entering retail is a significant milestone for the company and it was important for us to find a mission-aligned retail partner to debut Cove. We've found that in Erewhon and are excited to take a big step forward in our mission to create a sustainable material world." said Alex Totterman, founder and CEO of Cove.


Vito Antoci, Executive Vice President of Erewhon Markets, commented, "When we were introduced to Cove, we were incredibly excited to be part of this innovative and potentially world-changing moment for CPG – the world's first fully biodegradable water bottle is something we are very proud to be launching at Erewhon."



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