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Sustainable plastic packaging innovations at the German Packaging Award
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Author:JK    Date:17.Nov.2020

German Packaging Award 2020, an international, cross‐sector and cross‐material competition, has announced the winners in each of the 10 competition categories. Winners are automatically nominated for the WorldStar Packaging Awards hosted by the World Packaging Organization (WPO). Let’s check out the winning innovations which use plastics in the “Sustainability” category.

Submitted by: DUO PLAST AG

The DUO EARTH 4 has for the first time made it possible to incorporate Post Consumer Regenerate (PCR) in stretch film formulations with a minimum 25% content, without experiencing any significant loss in film performance.

The developed film quality features a very economical thickness of currently 8µm with excellent holding strength. The film edge, which is particularly vulnerable during use, is protected by the patented DUO DOPPELKANTE (DDK) (double edge).


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