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Green X Modish: A collection of product designs
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Author:JK    Date:21.Jan.2022

With continuous advancements, more green products are pledging increase of recycled materials. They look modish and cover wider applications, demonstrating how eco-consciousness and style can be well combined in product design.

Bob the mini dishwasher
Developer: Daan Tech

Developed by Daan Tech, an industrial company which designs, makes, and sells innovative devices, Bob is a water-efficient dishwasher made from 50% recycled plastics.

Designed to wash the tableware of one or two people, Bob weighs 10 kgs and takes up very little space.

Bob does not require a water supply while all it needs to operate properly is an electrical socket, which means the job of washing, cleaning and drying dishes can be completed in 20 minutes by plugging it in and filling it with water.


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