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Tetra Pak pioneers these five tethered caps on carton packages
Source:Adsale Plastics Network    Author:JK    Date:23.May.2022
Joining forces with leading beverage producers, Tetra Pak is launching five new tethered cap solutions on carton packages across Ireland, the Baltics, Spain and Germany in different product categories.

Tethered caps play an important role in preventing litter and could also help reduce the carbon footprint of the carton when they are chosen by food manufacturers as plant-based options, made from polymers derived from responsibly sourced sugarcane, thereby increasing the renewable content of the package.

A majority of Tetra Pak’s tethered cap portfolio also features a reduced amount of plastic. Depending on the various solutions, the company achieved a plastic content reduction ranging between 7% and 15%.

Additionally, Tetra Pak has invested in improving manufacturing experience for customers. Its new high quality, automated production lines for tethered caps utilize Artificial Intelligence technology for increased efficiency.


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