Enabling Circular Economy: SABIC TRUCIRCLE™ Solutions for Flexible Packaging
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    09 Jun,2020 10:00-11:00
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  • SABIC's groundbreaking TRUCIRCLE™ solutions and introducing mass balance approach
    SABIC’s BOPE solutions and flexible packaging solutions that enables Design for Recyclability
    Creating Circular Economy for plastics together with value chain players
  • Sreepad Karanam

    Director, Corporate Sustainability Strategy, Asia, SABIC

    Sreepad is skilled in integrating sustainability (Environmental, Social and Governance risks) into business strategy to create value, and he is driving continuous improvements and/or top line growth. He is also proficient in industry sustainability risks & opportunity analysis to translate them into sustainability driven new product solutions such as circular economy solutions and process innovations at global level. 
    Sreepad holds numerous U.S. patents and publications, and is engaged in World Business Council for Sustainable Development and Alliance to End Plastics Waste, representing SABIC.

  • Shandy Francisca

    Senior Engineer, Market Development and Technical Support, Rest of Asia, SABIC

    Shandy focuses on developing solutions for the flexible packaging and industrial film industry, bringing innovation from SABIC to the market. She also has heavy involvements in areas related to Sustainable Packaging Development both within SABIC and externally. 

    Proficient in market development, Shandy has been bringing innovation from SABIC to the market by working closely with Brand owners and converters to develop opportunities and strategies to create value and new solutions for customers.