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Talk with Market Leaders II: Trends for plastics machinery in 2022 and beyond
Source:Adsale Plastics Network     Author:VC    Date:26.Jan.2022

In the 4th episode of our video series “Talk with Market Leaders II - Shape a Smart & Carbon Neutral Future”, Mr. Evan Sun, Strategic Marketing Director, Tederic Machinery Co., Ltd. and Mr. Eng Huang, Technical Director, Guangdong Liansu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. shared their opinions on the latest market trends.


Low-carbon and energy-saving were very hot topics in last two years, which are also getting more attention in the downstream, said Mr. Sun. He expects more auto parts will be produced by all-electric injection molding machines to meet the low-energy and high-precision production requirements.


Besides, Mr. Sun emphasized that the demand for recycling technologies is becoming more obvious and strong, and the applications of degradable plastics such as PLA are also increasing.


When it comes to smart manufacturing, Mr. Huang thinks that intelligentization should be divided into three stages: automation, informationization, and realization of closed-loop control and predictive maintenance. After the automation reaches a certain stage, the equipment can be connected through data to achieve lean production.



- Low-carbon economy is imperative. How can plastics processing equipment manufactures help the plastics industry to achieve energy-saving and low-carbon production? 

- With the mission of carbon peak and neutrality policies, what are the opportunities and challenges for the plastics processing equipment industry? 

- Intelligentization is an important means to improve efficiency. What is the progress of smart manufacturing development? 

- What trends and changes are expected in 2022 and beyond?


CHINAPLAS joins hands with China Plastic & Rubber Journal to launch the video series to share market leaders’ views and observations on the latest market trends, technological breakthroughs and innovative applications. Watch now!



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