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FCS introduces newest all-electric two-component injection molding machine
Source:FCS    Author:    Date:24.May.2022

FU CHUN SHIN MACHINERY MANUFACTURE CO., LTD. introduces its newest all-electric two-component injection molding machine (CT-R Series) at CHINAPLAS Virtual Show 2022.

The series can be applied to multi-color products of "high precision and low pollution". It is suitable for medical freezing tube and syringes, car lamp, laptop and other electric products, and various houseware products. 

Adopting multiple independent barrels for injection greatly shortens the cycle time of the process. The rate of its servo rotary table improved by 30%-50%, and the positioning precision up to 0.005.

According to the company, linear guide at injection unit makes back pressure approach 0 when charging, reducing the melt overflow. The European servo driver and controller system make injection accuracy up to 0.01mm.



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