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Mercedes-AMG race cars now equipped with natural fiber composite bumpers
Source:Bcomp    Author:    Date:16.May.2022

Swiss sustainable lightweighting company Bcomp is now supplying its high-performance natural fiber technologies to HWA AG, development partner of Mercedes-AMG, for the new front bumpers on Mercedes-AMG GT4 race cars. 

The bodywork solutions will provide a sustainable alternative to the GT4’s existing carbon fiber panels, offering equivalent mechanical performance in stiffness and weight and improving safety.

The new bumper uses Bcomp’s innovative ampliTex and powerRibs technologies, which harness the natural advantages of flax fiber. The powerRibs reinforcement grid uses the high specific bending stiffness of flax to build up height efficiently, boosting the flexural stiffness of thin-walled shell elements.

The new bumpers are also safer in the event of a crash or collision and decrease the risk of punctures. Unlike the sharp fracturing and splintering of carbon fiber, ampliTex technical fabrics are far more ductile in an impact, whereas the powerRibs confine the damage zone, minimizing debris and the risks to drivers, marshals, and spectators.



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