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Haitian’s automatic production line of machine frames revealed
Source:Haitian    Author:    Date:02.Jun.2022

Haitian has been boosting intelligent manufacturing for its injection molding machines through technological innovation and new equipment. Not only the quality of the machines has been improved, energy saving and emission reduction have also been achieved.


At Haitian’s automated production and assembly workshop, a series of advanced equipment was introduced for manufacturing machine frames of the MA series, including laser pipe cutting machine, laser plane cutting machine, large gantry machining center and robotic water-based paint spraying line.


Equipment and features:


- Advanced laser pipe cutting machine
Integrated with an automatic feeding mechanism to meet various requirements. The maximum linear cutting speed can reach 3m/min which significantly improves the efficiency and is safe and reliable.

- Innovative automatic assembly line
One of the first machine frame assembly lines for plastics machinery in China, which improves assembly efficiency by 100% as well as effectively improves the assembly quality and working environment.


- Double station gantry machining center
Independently developed by Haitian. Double platform exchange mode improves the manufacturing accuracy. The hydraulic clamping tool has faster clamping speed and higher positioning accuracy. An automatic tool setting system is equipped for high precision, stability and quality.

- Automatic painting line
Integrates automatic pre-treatment, masking, painting and drying processes. Robotic painting ensures a more consistent film thickness. Water-based cleaning and vitrification processing in a closed environment supports green manufacturing.



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