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(K-Interview) Nordson introduces self-cleaning melt filter and automated lip adjustment system
Source:Adsale Plastics Network     Author:VC    Date:25.Nov.2022

At K 2022, Nordson introduced the Nordson BKG HiCon K-SWE-HD/RS melt filter with unique backflush technology for blown film applications and the new automated lip adjustment system for their EDI extrusion and fluid coating dies.


Sven Conrad, Global Segment Development Director at Nordson BKG GmbH, told Adsale Platics Network (AdsaleCPRJ.com) that the new BKG HiCon K-SWE-HD/RS melt filter helps blown film producers stay on the megatrend of sustainability and use high contents of recycled materials.


As explained, melt filters without a backflushing function have limits when processing recycled material. Contamination levels are high, and the screens clog fast. To cope with the high process pressures in blown film applications, Nordson made patent-pending changes to its already proven backflush technology.


The BKG HiCon K-SWE-HD/RS melt filter is equipped with the patented melt pressure controlled venting start that fully automizes the filling of the screen cavity after a screen change for maximum pressure consistency.


Regarding the new automated lip adjustment system, Scott Smith, Global Product Managing Director for Nordson’s EDI die business, emphasized that the new system reduces operator intervention and saves energy consumption.


For years, automated lip adjustment has been achieved using thermally actuated bolts. Thermal bolts are highly influenced by external factors and typically require manual pre-tuning.


Instead of using thermal bolts to control the lip adjustment, the Prodigi extrusion die system relies on a series of motorized actuators connected to the die’s flexible lip. The installed actuators smoothly translate motor rotation into precise linear movement to locally open and close the lip.


Talking about the opportunities and challenges, Nordson sees recycling creating opportunities more than ever, and the company finds that there is a shortage of skilled workforce in the industry.  



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