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Audi and LyondellBasell talk through collaboration for recycled seatbelt buckle covers
Source:Audi    Author:JK    Date:02.Dec.2022

Audi has launched cutting-edge plastic covers for seatbelt buckles in its Q8 e-tron models. The casings are partially manufactured from mixed automobile plastic waste using a chemical recycling process that Audi has developed with LyondellBasell.

In details, plastic components that are beyond repair are first stripped from customer vehicles, freed of foreign materials such as metal clips, before being broken down into smaller pieces, and processed into pyrolysis oil by means of chemical recycling.

This oil is then used as a raw material for the manufacture of new plastics, harnessing a mass balance approach. The plastic granulates thereby obtained, are utilized in the production of Q8 e-tron seatbelt buckle covers.

Click here for detailed introduction.



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