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COVID-19 update: SACMI continues production of packaging division
Source:SACMI    Author:    Date:09.Apr.2020

Despite that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, there are manufacturing enterprises operating normally to guarantee production in safety and support the supply chain. SACMI is one of them.


In the latest updating video, Paolo Mongardi, President of SACMI Imola, mentioned that governments worldwide are making difficult decisions to limit the spread of contagion and protect everyone's health.


“SACMI is also committed to mitigating the risk, and the results achieved so far stem from our personnel’s extraordinary commitment,” said Paolo Mongardi. “By strengthening our 'smart working' potential, we've managed to maintain order processing, shipping, logistics and assistance operations at the highest level.”


According to the president, the company's packaging production operations continue, and assistance and spare parts are still guaranteed worldwide. Meanwhile, all other manufacturing sectors are already preparing for a post-emergency resumption.



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