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How an ultra-large Haitian two platen machine is assembled?
Source:Haitian International    Author:    Date:02.Jun.2020

Haitian Plastics Machinery recently successfully assembled a customized ultra-large two platen injection molding machine for an overseas customer. Haitian arranged more than 200 technicians and workers for the task which took 50 days to complete.


The whole JU55000III machine weighs 410 tons, with injection weight and storage modulus more than 50 kg and 25 cubic meters respectively. The maximum mold-opening distance is 6000 mm.


The machine can meet the needs of production for ultra-large plastic products in municipal engineering, transportation facilities, logistics and other sectors. It features multiple advantages such as high energy saving, precision and efficiency. The key technical parameters and performance reach high international standard.


The JU55000III is the largest machine among Haitian’s export models so far. It is undoubtedly a stepping stone for the machine manufacturer to compete in the international ultra-large injection molding machine market.



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