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Brückner Maschinenbau to emphasize eco-friendly BO film production at CHINAPLAS

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-05-18

At CHINAPLAS 2023, Brückner Maschinenbau will highlight its solutions for an eco-friendly and sustainable BO film production. The company is also sticking to its ambitious goals for further increasing efficiency in film production, which means decreasing use of raw materials, ever lower energy consumption and "zero waste" in film production.


Higher efficiency, lower energy consumption


The more efficient and higher output a film stretching line is, the lower the specific energy consumption. These parameters can mainly be influenced by the line speed and the line width.


At the trade fair, Brückner Maschinenbau will present production of packaging film BOPP with a line concept with an annual output above the current benchmark of 60,000 to 70,000 tons per year. This also refers to a two-digit lower energy consumption, based on 1 kg of film. 

There will also be new line types for BOPA films with up to 80% more output, based on an increase in production speed from 220m/min to 350m/min and line widening from 6.6m to 7.4m.

Highly efficient film stretching line_web.jpg

Highly efficient film stretching line of Brückner Maschinenbau.

More sustainability in film production


The company will show a new type of direct recycling saves energy, conserves raw material and comes very close to the goal of "zero waste" in production.


Besides, the company adopts intelligent stretching oven management that ensures an energy saving of around 1.6 million kWh per year. Its aerodynamic zone separation also increases the proportion of A-grade film on the winder, reduces production waste and lowers specific energy consumption.


Mono-material films


Mono-material solutions are ideal for the use in new applications since they guarantee good sortability in waste separation and high-grade recycling material quality.


Brückner Maschinenbau has developed mono-material packaging solutions to close the life cycle of plastic packaging. Besides the state-of- the-art materials BOPP and BOPET, a new opportunity is opening up with BOPE.


Several developments for PP mono-material packaging have been successfully launched recently. For instance, flexible pouches where complex laminates are now substituted by all-PP versions based on BOPP and CPP or even retortable applications.


Trials on the Brückner laboratory line has clearly showed that post-consumer waste recylate PET can be added to the virgin material in a proportion of above 50% without any losses in quality.


Line concepts for the production of BOPE films also perform the flexibility to produce BOPP films. Film producers can choose lines between a working width of 6.6 m and an output of 3 t/h, or a working width of 8.7 m and an output of 5 t/h.


Further development of specialty film lines


Special film lines from Brückner are in demand worldwide, especially for the e-mobility and new energy sector. The patented simultaneous LISIM stretching process is suitable for the very efficient production of a wide variety of specialty films with high properties:

Battery Separator Film Line_web.jpg

The associated increase in output will take place in stages for the production of battery separator films.

  • Battery separator films and capacitor films: In these segments, a further increase in the previous line width from 5.5m to over 6m and the associated increase in output of over 20% will take place in stages

  • Green energy solutions are supported by Brückner’s special BOPET thick film lines, producing high performance solar backsheet used for photovoltaic panels

  • Industrial films for a wide variety of applications: Insulating film, composite films, electrical enclosures for cables and wires, membrane switches in motors and transformers, window film, protection and release film, motor insulation film

  • Flexible and printed circuits and electronics: Substrates for RFID antennas, organic displays, organic photovoltaic, medical sensors, printed batteries

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