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DSM advances color and mechanical properties prediction with AI-based tool

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-06-06

DSM Engineering Materials introduces Lucidiris that helps customers reduce time to market when developing colors of high-performance materials for a variety of applications. Besides predicting color and mechanical properties, it can predict the envelope of potential color space within critical mechanical properties and prescribe recipes for targeted color properties.


Lucidiris has been developed for several high-performance material grades and will be extended, including recycled-based and repurposed materials. It is a next step in DSM Engineering Materials’ journey to make product development for their customers quicker and easier via advanced digital solutions.


This state-of-the-art patent protected Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology facilitates the development of material recipes with targeted optical properties while assuring mechanical properties.


DSM Engineering Materials launches Lucidiris, a color and mechanical properties prediction tool powered by AI.

With Lucidiris customers will be supported by its ability to:


  • Predict color and mechanical properties of polymer compounds upon addition of color ingredients

  • Predict envelope of potential color space that can be produced within critical mechanical properties

  • Prescribe color ingredients to add to a polymer compound to meet targeted properties


“Lucidiris changes our design-build-test-learn development cycle for the customer applications of our materials fundamentally,” shared Erwin Houben, R&T Manager Digitization DSM Engineering Materials. “This state-of-the-art AI based digital tool reinforces our strengths in colored materials development and enables to take on some tough challenges for reusing circular materials.”


“And there is more to come,” said Angelika Schmidt, Global R&T Manager of Performance Polymers, DSM Engineering Materials. “Lucidiris is our next step into digitization of product development. What we can do for color development already today, will be possible for product development in the future.”


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