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KRAIBURG TPE offers compounds for automotive window encapsulation

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-06-02

KRAIBURG TPE offers THERMOLAST K series of TPE compounds for automotive window encapsulation that render surface aesthetics and functional finishing.


Window encapsulation in vehicle allows a perfect fit of the glazing module on a vehicle’s body. It not only is a prevailing solution for vehicle fittings and aesthetics, but it is also a functional solution that deters water and dirt from entering a vehicle.


Also, window encapsulation provides comfort in a vehicle by reducing noise and improves the aerodynamics of a vehicle, especially for flush design structures of automobiles.


KRAIBURG TPE provides its THERMOLAST K series for use in automotive window encapsulation.

Thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) are selected by automotive manufacturers as a replacement for rubber, TPV and PVC in window encapsulation for their cost-effective, lightweight and eco-friendly benefits. For automobile manufacturers and designers, TPEs offer not only a functional design option but also the desired surface aesthetics.


KRAIBURG TPE’s UV/HF/SF series is a material of choice for window encapsulation applications that require long flow paths, UV resistance and high surface quality. Other benefits are its good adhesion with PP, allowing for ease of processability, as well good surface.


Furthermore, the series has passed accelerated weathering tests such as Kalahari and Florida and meets OEM requirements, such as BMW GS 93042, Ford WSS-M2D517, GM GMW16233, Mercedes-Benz DBL 5562, PSA B62 0300, Renault 03-10-104, and VW 50123.

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