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Hosokawa Alpine adds smart functions to its extrusion visualization software

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-05-20

Digitization and networking within the production line are playing an increasingly important role for efficient, high-quality manufacture. The reason is that the more reliably the entire film production process is controlled and monitored, the higher the final film quality.


In this case, Hosokawa Alpine offers its ExVis (extrusion visualization) process visualization software. With the expansion of Version 5.0, a number of features have now been added that further improve the program and allow intelligent system control.


“The emphasis in expanding the software was placed on user-friendly operation and an even better overview of process-relevant data,” said Dr. Holger Niemeier, Executive Vice President and Head of Film Technology at Hosokawa Alpine.


Hosokawa Alpine AG offers process visualization software ExVis 5.0.

The company stated that among other improvements, the daily work of film blowing system operators has been made easier by the constant integration of feedback.


ExVis 5.0 is a fully networked system that merges and centrally manages the data of all system components. The program also offers a wide range of new options for daily work on the machine.


This means that operators can access the user manual or the circuit diagrams directly from ExVis in the event of an error message. This gives them contextual information on what needs to be done right now.


In addition, users can simply drag and drop the trends that are relevant to them into a container, allowing them to clearly observe and analyze the trends.


ExVis presents comprehensive innovations especially when it comes to user-friendliness. The start-up assistance, for example, makes it easier to start the system. The settings for a film recipe are stored in the software. This information allows operators to start up the system in four automated steps without having to have any process engineering know-how themselves.


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