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Maguire debuts energy-saving dryer to meet high throughput requirements

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-05-12

Maguire introduced its new ULTRA 2200 series dryer at K 2022. The ULTRA 2200 is designed to meet the higher throughput requirements of central drying, sheet extrusion, preform, and fiber markets and offers much faster drying than conventional methods while using significantly less energy.


While the principal phases of the vacuum drying process remain the same as those of the existing ULTRA-150, ULTRA-300, ULTRA-600, and ULTRA-1000 models, the ULTRA-2200 utilizes a pair of identical multi-function chambers that alternate in sequence to provide an uninterrupted flow of dry material. 


Each chamber can self-load, heat, vacuum, and dispense. This design allows for a compact arrangement with a relatively low ceiling height requirement.


The company's first vacuum dryer, the LPD, launched in 2000.  The unique patented design allowed users to dry materials via the application of vacuum and not by dry air as done with desiccant designs. This fast, modern and efficient process takes a fraction of the time and uses 60% less energy compared to conventional desiccant dryers. 


The ULTRA 2200 series dryer includes two vessels working in tandem.

Vacuum drying provides speed and efficiency to dramatically lower energy consumption compared to conventional desiccant dryers.

While each system uses the same amount of energy to heat up the resin, the energy required to dry the material is significantly less – as there is no regeneration process required in vacuum drying.


The result is dramatic savings that not only offer a quick return on investment but the ULTRA models pay for themselves year-after-year for the life of the dryer.


Apart from that, Maguire’s ULTRA 2200 incorporates load cell technology which provides the operator the ability to monitor and control each step of the drying process allowing for process optimization throughout the entire drying cycle.


By digitalizing the process, every granule within the drying system is actively monitored and controlled. The data can easily be viewed on the touchscreen and details of the exact operating process as it happens are logged, giving the user a clear understanding of how the material has been dried. In addition, all of this data is available for export for integration with any ERP or other process control systems.


“Energy savings, faster drying times, less waste and quick material changes all contribute to the unrivaled value ULTRA dryers bring to the plastics processor,” emphasized Frank Kavanagh, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Maguire. “Now we can offer all these benefits in a powerhouse of a dryer that accommodates the demands of high throughput applications.”


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