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SÜDPACK launches extra-thin, recyclable films with high processing capability

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-05-13

Responding to need of films to manufacture food packaging, whose top and bottom webs are perfectly aligned and are designed to be processed on standard machines, SÜDPACK has launched Pure-Line.


Its innovative material structures also enhance functionality, processing capability and sustainability. Because the film manufacturer already offers a wide range of high-performance mono-materials with thermoforming properties for the production of recyclable PP-based packaging concepts in widths ranging from 200 to 400 µm.


With PurePP, SÜDPACK's customers now have access to this product family to replace conventional, non-recyclable packaging concepts.


Pure-Line films also boast high performance and sufficient stability for optimum presentation at POS with minimal material input. Above all, these high-performance top webs are very thin and already available from SÜDPACK in film widths starting from 60 µm.


SÜDPACK introduces a complete range of films that are even thinner and recyclable.

However, depending on the products to be packaged, these modern material structures can be flexibly equipped with different mechanical and functional properties in order to provide optimum product protection and extended shelf life. These range from puncture resistance and peelability, through high transparency to a high oxygen barrier.


The significantly lower weight of the packaging compared to other concepts not only saves resources, but also has a positive impact on DSD fees and last but not least the overall carbon footprint.


“The replacement of many conventional packaging materials, especially by PP, has an additional ecological effect due to the lower CO2 equivalents of polypropylene,” told Holger Hoss, Head of Strategic Product Management at SÜDPACK.


In addition, the key features of Pure-Line high-performance films also include high thermoforming properties and machinability. The material’s good sealability guarantees high process and packaging reliability – as does the holistic packaging concept featuring aligned top and bottom webs from a single source made in Germany.


Pure-Line films can also be processed on all standard thermoforming packaging machines, usually requiring only minor adjustments. High cycle rates in continuous operation are also possible.

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