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Finland’s railway company uses sustainable Woodly material for food packaging

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-06-04

Finland’s railway company VR Group Plc. and Woodly Ltd. announce a food packaging partnership. VR has chosen Woodly’s heat-sealed bags as their new packaging application for food-to-go products on long-distance trains.


Made from unique carbon-neutral and wood-based Woodly plastic material, the heat-sealed bags are a sustainable form of packaging that will ensure longer product freshness and reduce food waste. VR plans to raise more awareness about sustainable packaging solutions by supporting a Finnish innovation and partnering with Woodly.


VR and Woodly announce a food packaging partnership.

“In addition to carbon-neutral travel, we want to enable our customers to make responsible choices in the restaurant car as well. We prefer products from small domestic producers in our selections, and now we are also developing our packaging materials in an increasingly sustainable direction with Woodly’s wood-based and carbon-neutral material,” commented Markku Sammal, Service Manager at VR.


After a successful launch earlier this spring, the Woodly heat-sealed bags have made their way across different shelves all over Finland due to collaborations with notable wholesalers and brands. Moving forward, travelling consumers will recognize Woodly on long-distance trains as well.


“We are excited about the opportunity to offer a wood-based and sustainable packaging solution to VR and also to the travelling consumer at the restaurant car. The fact that Woodly is now a part of long-distance public transport is a great milestone for us,” stated Jaakko Kaminen, Woodly’s CEO.

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