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New Conair planetary cutters ensure continuous cuts in extruded pipes

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-05-17

Conair introduces new PipeMaster planetary cutters that provide continuous, distortion-free cuts for extruded PVC and polyolefin plastic pipes in diameters from 0.630 - 24.9 inches at line speeds ranging up to 82 feet per minute.


The cutters are available in six sizes that serve a range of different pipe diameters, with smaller MDT Series cutters handling pipes up to 4.3 inches and larger MTT Series handling the rest.


All are equipped with a servo-driven, traveling cutting carriage whose speed is synchronized with the line speed of the master extrusion control. The traveling carriage carries an automatic clamping system and a planetary cutting head.


Conair PipeMaster MTT 160 planetary cutter.

As extruded pipe enters the machine, the automatic clamping system locks the cutting head squarely onto the moving pipe and the planetary cutting head rotates a cutting disk rapidly around the pipe to complete the cut. Finished pipes then move down the cutter’s support tray for off-loading.


Users can set up and operate the cutter with a 7-inch color touchscreen HMI that makes it simple to enter and manage speed controls, alarm capabilities, and new and existing production recipes, as well as manage communications with upstream extruder controls or downstream measuring equipment. 


Other key equipment positioning and adjustments are motorized for operator ease and convenience. The cutter also provides full guarding for operator safety, including safety tunnels and interlocks on all opening doors.  


Ernie Preiato, Conair Vice President, Extrusion, commented, “the MDT and MTT planetary cutters combine together rugged reliability, cost-efficient performance, and simple, well-engineered controls. They’re part of a larger PipeMaster line that enables pipe production of up to 24.9 in. (630 mm) in size, backed by Conair global service and support.”


Preiato added that planetary cutting technology is suitable especially for larger diameter extruded plastic pipes, because it ensures continuous, square, distortion-free cuts. Since the process creates no chips or waste, pipe yields are optimized and no secondary cleaning or cutting operations are required. 


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