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X-Rite releases its latest reflectance benchtop spectrophotometers

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-06-04

X-Rite Incorporated and Pantone LLC, global leaders in color science and technology, announce the release of the Ci7830 and Ci7630 reflectance benchtop spectrophotometers suitable for textiles, paint and coatings, plastics, building materials, and home goods.


Used as part of a digital workflow, the Ci7830 and Ci7630 deliver the measurement precision required to seamlessly communicate, share, and coordinate color-critical values and specifications across the supply chain.


These instruments are designed to provide high value at an affordable cost to help manufacturers maximize productivity and manufacturing uptime and improve sustainability efforts.


The Ci7830 reflectance benchtop sphere spectrophotometer offers high inter-instrument agreement and repeatability to meet tight color tolerances across the supply chain. The Ci7630 is a mid-range reflectance device suitable for manufacturers that need to control color with less demanding tolerances.


The Ci7830 and Ci7630 reflectance benchtop spectrophotometers provide manufacturers precise and affordable way to ensure color consistency and quality across the supply chain.

Both instruments bring a level of reliability, traceability, and accuracy to the digital color workflow. In addition, the devices’ internal sensors report humidity and temperature as part of the measurement audit trail.


“Many brands require their supply chain partners to leverage digital color workflows and submit color data for approvals rather than a physical sample in order to reduce waste and rework and to decrease global footprints,” said Matt Adby, Product Management Director, X-Rite. “With the Ci7830 and Ci7630, we are able to offer customers a range of connected color solutions to fit their unique application requirements, brand specifications, and budgets.”


The Ci7830 and Ci7630 support an end-to-end digital color workflow and integrate with X-Rite software to improve color communication, prototyping, formulation, production, and quality control for predictable color results.


With Color iMatch formulation software, customers can quickly identify optimal initial color matches and reduce wasteful formulation attempts. Using Color iQC quality assurance software helps determine whether a sample is within tolerance, and if not, provides feedback to get it on target.


For brands and suppliers looking to bridge the gap between physical and virtual prototyping, PANTORA color appearance software can use the spectral data from the Ci7830 and Ci7630 to render color of the material sample.


X-Rite will showcase the Ci7830 and Ci7630 at India Textile Machinery Exhibitions Society (ITME) 2022.


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