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Seat upholstery of Polestar 3 EV uses first bio-attributed PVC

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-06-03

Independent Volvo spin-off and high-performance electric car manufacturer Polestar has introduced INEOS Inovyn's BIOVYN in its brand new Polestar 3 SUV.


The new model features innovations throughout the vehicle, including MicroTech seat upholstery which is made from BIOVYN.


MicroTech uses on BIOVYN to reduce the carbon footprint of the upholstery. BIOVYN bio-attributed vinyl is made of 100% renewable feedstock that does not compete with the food chain. It replaces fossil based raw materials with renewable materials obtained from crude tall oil, a byproduct of coniferous tree pulping.


Polestar 3 is equipped with seats made of BIOVYN bio-attributed PVC.

It has the same properties as traditional PVC, but is the first bio-attributed PVC available for commercial use that enables a carbon footprint reduction of over 70%. It is also the first PVC product certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials.


“We decided that we wouldn’t choose the easy way of quoting old paradigms of traditional car design”, said Maximillian Missoni, Head of Polestar Design. “On this path, we asked ourselves how we could combine the benefits of vinyl upholsteries with a better process to achieve our sustainability target, and the solution is MicroTech.”


“It’s a great honor for our company to be associated with a brand as ambitious and forward-thinking as Polestar. This shows just how much the automotive industry is evolving and how INEOS Inovyn’s continuous innovation and investments in more sustainable processes and products are paying off,” remarked Geir Tuft, CEO of INEOS Inovyn.


First released in 2019, BIOVYN was designed to meet performance and quality requirement in different industry sectors while moving society closer to a circular and carbon neutral economy. It can already be found in automotive parts, building and construction, consumer goods, electrical and electronic components, leisure, clothing and healthcare.

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