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CHINAPLAS 2023: Frigel introduces latest cooling and mold temperature control solutions

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-05-29

Frigel will introduce the company’s latest developments in cooling and mold temperature control solutions at the company booth located in the Italian Pavilion area at CHINAPLAS 2023.


One of the highlights will be the new portable water chillers of Microgel Series. They are suitable for plastic processing such as injection molding, blow-molding, extrusion, technical molding, as well as multiple applications including automotive, packaging, medical, household appliance and industrial components.


The patent pending Microgel SYNCRO technology, process synchronized mold temperature control technology with onboard chiller, revolutionizes the temperature control method of injection molding technical parts. It allows up to 40% reduction in cycle time and ensures high product quality.


Digitally synchronized with the molding process, Microgel SYNCRO provides cold water only during the cooling phase, reducing significantly the cooling time, while keeping the mold cavities hot during the injection phase.


The Microgel SYNCRO product line features more than 10 models, with cooling capacities from 16 kW to 56 kW and heating capacities from 12 kW to 24 kW.


The new Microgel SYNCRO features process synchronized mold temperature control technology with onboard chiller. 

At the same time, Frigel will also present some of its recent highlights in centralized system solutions. Among them, the advancements in its patented adiabatic cooling solutions contribute to water and energy savings in process cooling.


Frigel expands its adiabatic product family by introducing the Ecodry MDK range, which allows flexible configuration of modular adiabatic solutions for small to large factories.


Ecodry MDK is characterized by a high efficiency humidification system (COOLPAD) and a new generation of EC fans. Combined with a more effective dry cooler, the result is a more compact and powerful new adiabatic cooler.


The Italian manufacturer emphasizes that its modular, scalable and flexible central chiller solutions are designed to be installed anywhere with Industry 4.0 controls and connectivity platforms.


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