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Innovia Films offers new matt white coated BOPP film for food tray labels

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-05-27

Innovia Films has recently extended their linerless label range with a specialist matt white coated BOPP film, Rayoface AWPMatt. The film is available in a thickness of 92 microns. It has a unique matt white printable surface on one side and an adhesive receptive coating on the other.


AWPMatt features enhanced stiffness, so is suitable for use with all large format, wide edge leading, linerless applications. From Top & Side, C-wrap, D-wrap labels, through to full wrap and skin pack labels.


Rayoface AWPMatt performs high moisture and water resistance, making it suitable for use in tray labels.

“The market for trays made from PE or foam for example is growing globally. Given their ability to shield food from many contaminants, trays are anticipated to see a rise in demand. They serve as a barrier to avoid food waste,” said Alasdair McEwen, Global Product Manager – Labels & Graphics at Innovia Films. “These trays have to be labelled to not only help market the product on the shelf but to provide mandatory information like nutrition facts and recycling guidance.


The enhanced coating technology of Innovia Films means AWPMatt has a matt, paper like surface finish, but the film gives all the benefits that a high performance BOPP label needs for these demanding applications. AWPMatt has high moisture and water resistance, making it suitable for labelling products such as dairy, meat or fish, which will be part of wet or frozen supply chains.


According to the company, the print performance of the matt white coating means that the finished label and pack can give the brand a premium on-shelf appearance. This film has already undergone in-depth trialing and shown good results throughout the linerless supply chain.


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