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Kautex focuses on blow molded final products of high quality at CHINAPLAS

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-05-19

Under the motto "Experience the Difference", Kautex Maschinenbau, one of the world's leading pioneers of sustainable innovations in the blow molding industry, will focus on final plastic products of high quality at CHINAPLAS 2023.


Besides, all production solutions can be experienced at the booth via innovative virtual reality and augmented reality technology. Kautex will also present its sustainability vision and mission as well as specific projects. 


“For us, the plastic product of highest quality of our customers is in the foreground, not the producing machine," said Geoffrey Chan, CEO, Kautex Asia. "We are aware that we are taking a different approach here as expected of a machine manufacturer. But we are convinced: First, we must talk about our customers' product in order to then talk about the production solution.”


"Only by understanding our customers’ real needs and product, we can satisfy them sustainably and in the long term. Furthermore, we act in accordance with our corporate vision, philosophy and mission. With the final customer product of highest quality at the center, we create leading change and added value," Chan added.



Kautex produces watering can with recycled materials.

The motto "Experience the Difference" further refers to the way Kautex presents its production solutions: At the booth, visitors can experience 19 different production solutions – via innovative virtual reality and augmented reality technology.


"Regardless of whether a customer is interested in producing bottles, jerry cans, IBCs, liners or even kayaks, we can show each customer exactly the production solution that is interesting to them in an innovative way," said Dimitri Zhang, CSO, Kautex China. “So, we don't just show a physical machine, we show the right machine for the customer.”


Furthermore, visitors can learn at the Kautex booth about the company’s sustainability vision and mission. In its sustainability vision, Kautex Maschinenbau sets itself the goal of providing its customers with the best possible support in making their products better and more sustainable.


The mission is focused on actively driving the establishment of the circular economy, always in line with the corporate mission, which states creating leading change and added value. Specific projects at the booth show how Kautex is putting its sustainability vision and mission into practice.


R-Cycle is an exemplary project in which Kautex is actively involved in establishing the circular economy. With the help of a digital product passport, recycling-relevant information is already recorded during the production of a plastic product and stored in the R-Cycle database. During recycling, this data can in turn be read out for optimal reuse. The pilot projects that Kautex has undertaken as part of the R-Cycle initiative can be seen at the booth.


Another project – in cooperation with Braskem – successfully demonstrates that upcycling of post-consumer waste (PCR) with appropriate measures leads to ever better results. The compounds used were successfully processed at the Kautex Technical Center into monolayer blow molded products. Braskem's material was used to make a children's watering can.


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