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SEKISUI CHEMICAL unveils high heat-resistant transfer tapes for car applications

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-05-21

SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. announces that its High Performance Plastics Company has lately released the first industrial double-faced tapes, “High heat-resistant transfer tape 5503HT・5505HR”, which feature characteristics of high heat resistance, thin film, low VOCs, and high adhesion to rough surfaces.


As environmental awareness grows worldwide, the shift from gasoline (diesel) cars to electric vehicles is further accelerating in many countries and regions. The replacement of an engine with an electric motor as the vehicle’s power source has caused problems such as securing a heat source for heating (as engine cars use engine cooling water as a heat source for heating) and narrower spaces due to an increase in electrical components mounted on the vehicle body.


5503HT (Left) and 5505HR

The challenges are to improve “heat management efficiency associated with EVs” and to increase the “degree of freedom in vehicle interior design.”


SEKISUI CHEMICAL has been working to solve these problems for vehicle applications and has now succeeded in developing new high heat-resistant transfer tapes (base material-less tapes) that have high thermal efficiency and can directly fix protective fabrics to in-vehicle heaters.


Product outline

There are four problems to be solved when fixing the protective fabric to the radiant heater installed near the passenger’s seat, including withstanding high temperatures, being as thin as possible to reduce its thermal capacity, ensuring stable adhesion to rough and uneven surfaces to cloth, and being low VOC enough to be used for interior materials.


SEKISUI CHEMICAL’s tapes can solve the above four problems with the proprietary adhesion and polymer polymerization technologies:


  • With the application of SEKISUI CHEMICAL’s proprietary precision polymerization technology, the tapes are thin but achieve both heat resistance and peel resistance



  • Heat-resistant enough not to cause misalignment even at 180℃ and strong adhesive strength even at room temperature


  • While maintaining adhesive strength and performance, the two tapes can minimize VOCs that badly affect the human body, contributing to the creation of a comfortable environment in enclosed areas such as the inside of a car.



According to the company, “High heat-resistant transfer tape 5503HT・5505HR” have already been applied for use in fixing radiant heaters for EVs. In the future, it will accelerate the development of applications in various fields.


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