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Green material technologies draw attention

Source:Adsale Plastics Network 2023-04-07
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Many materials suppliers at CHINAPLAS 2023 emphasize their latest advanced applications and solutions that contribute to sustainable development. These technologies make certain the plastics and rubber industry to progress fast in its green transition.


KRAIBURG TPE debuts new series for Asia-Pacific markets


KRAIBURG TPE (Booth: 17P73) debuts two new innovations at CHINAPLAS 2023, namely the THERMOLAST R recycled series and the FG/SF/AP series.


The newly introduced THERMOLAST R recycled TPE series includes the RC/PCR/AP and RC/FC/PCR/AP grades. The THERMOLAST R RC/PCR/AP grades contain 25-48% post-consumer recycled content (hardness-dependent) and comply with RoHS and UL 94 HB standards. They are suitable for a wide industrial application range requiring adhesion to PP in multi-component or single component parts.


The THERMOLAST R RC/FC/PCR/AP grades for the consumer market contain 9-38% post-consumer recycled content (hardness-dependent). They comply with the FDA CFR21 food contact regulation as well as REACH and RoHS SVHC substance requirements (Substances of Very High Concern).


The newly introduced THERMOLAST R recycled TPE series is suitable for both consumer and industrial markets. (Booth: 17P73)


On the other hand, the FG/SF/AP series is developed for automotive interior applications. The series has good adhesion to PP and flowability, with low density and controlled level of emissions and odor.


The THERMOLAST H series is also on show. These TPEs are free of heavy metals, latex, PVC, phthalates, and other potentially harmful substances. They can be sterilized by EtO and autoclave at 121°C. They also comply with Cytotoxicity ISO 10993-5, GB/T 16886.5, as well as various global food contact and relevant medical standards.


Developments in accelerating sustainability presented by BASF


By presenting its latest solutions, BASF (Booth: 17F71) demonstrates how the company is accelerating the sustainable development in all phases of the plastics journey: Make, Use, and Recycle. 


At the Make phase, BASF improves how plastics are made, from product design to the choice of raw materials, including renewable or recycled feedstock and the manufacturing process. The company’s Product Carbon Footprints (PCFs) can improve CO2 transparency in the value chain and validate customers’ claims for creating low-carbon plastics.


At the Use phase, solutions to improve energy efficiency through BASF’s lightweight and durable materials are available. The company’s advanced material solutions also enable more sustainable applications in infrastructures for eMobility and renewable energy.


BASF highlights its efforts to accelerate a circular economy through mechanical recycling, ChemCycling, and other technologies to close the loop at the final Recycle phase.


One of the exhibits is a shoe part made with Elastopan polyurethane (PU) using cold-curing technology. According to a Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) study of the shoe part by Intertek, as compared to thermal-curing, the cold-curing technology was 89% more energy efficient. Water consumption during the production process was 81% less, and greenhouse gas emissions were also down by 76%.

Press photo_2_250.jpg

BASF displays a shoe part made with Elastopan PU using the innovative cold-curing technology. (Booth: 17F71)


The cold-curing technology does not require the use of release agents. It also enables production at room temperature. As the heating process is eliminated, the production process is also simplified.


BASF’s PU solution based on cold-curing technology has already been used in shoe parts by leading footwear manufacturers.


Circular economy

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